09 May 2014

Back on Good Ole Rockytop!


This has certainly been quite the week for the Buchandermann family! Currently, we are in Knoxville to  celebrate Kyle graduating from the University of Tennessee with his PhD in Psychology! 

I am very proud of all of his accomplishments, but this one has been one of Kyle's goals for a long time! I could not imagine getting a PhD. I believe that it takes a very special type of person to put forth the effort to obtain this level of acadimic achievement.  Not only did he obtain just any "plain ole' PhD," but one in psychology! It takes an even more special person to be a successful psychologist! 

Yay PhD!

We always get super excited when traveling to the south. Knoxville, in particular, holds three places we make sure to visit on every trip: Tupelo Honey Cafe (those biscuits, tho!), Dollywood (which we're visiting today), and Walmart! 

Yes, Walmart. In our observations, while "people of Walmart" (you've got to see that website) are probably more homogenous, the stores themselves are very different in the northeast. We will never forget our first trip to a Maryland Walmart, which was more like the 76th Annual Hunger Games, complete with tributes from at least 100 different countries. People were fighting over shampoo, because there wasn't enough on the shelves. The floors looked like people had walked on them barefoot and, while we wouldn't have ever purchased the "produce" on the market side of the store, this is a moot point since there was no such market side--it was a regular, non-24 hour, non-supercenter Walmart. Seriously? Is this 1992? Suffice to say, the South's Finest Walmart and Sam's Club are one of our favorite destinations to stock-up on $2.96 Old Spice Body Wash. My reaction: "Look at these prices! Everything's basically freeeee!!!"

More adventures in Dixie to come!


  1. I know what you mean. Has prices too are crazy cheap compared to the inflation onslaught to the North; a painful reality.

  2. [I meant gas* prices above ... Sorry!]

    And I don't know how long you two are planning to stick around K-Town, but I would love the chance to see you. If that won't be practical I would like to perhaps talk via email soon... God has been speaking to me in some crazy ways about my ministry in the future and I have some questions for you. Life as a follower of Jesus in an enculturated church climate (with biases for miles) is surprisingly difficult so I am hoping for some feedback. I've been praying about this a lot and definitely feel moved to get in touch with you (plural).