15 May 2014

Plan The Wedding? You Mean We Can't Just Show Up?!


Now that things are starting to fall into place for our wedding, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. However, I have never felt like this before.  Normally when one is overwhelmed, it is in a negative manner.  I am overwhelmed with love and opportunity.  We have been busy; we are attempting to get a couple of ideas in place for the big event.  I do not know how much I wish to uncover, but I just know everything is going to work out! Only 149* days until our wedding! 

*Results may vary... math isn't my strong point! 

On a different note, one of my favorite things about being a Navy family has to be the opportunity to travel the world! (Join the Navy.. see the world!) We purchased this little knickknack a while ago, but it is a new project of ours! Hopefully we run out of room to hang it up! 

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