06 June 2014

Do You Believe in Little Signs?


Tonight we were in the mall. I know, so cool of us on a Friday night, right?! While walking around, thinking hard about spending money, I took a detour to hopefully introduce Lance to Ingrid, the jeweler who set me up with our beautiful set of rings from Germany.

As we approached her shop, I already knew--poof, she had vanished. No Ingrid, no shop, no rings for sale. (Before anyone gets too Negative Nancy, yes--the rings are still insured through the maker in Germany). Fairytale? Fairy Godmother? Doesn't matter--just one of the many cool stories that make our relationship so magical. :)

1 comment:

  1. First off (and most importantly), congratulations to the both of you. You make a cute couple and my hope is that you'll have a lifetime of health, wealth and happiness together. Secondly, think nothing of this "small sign." The important thing is that Ingrid the jeweler was there in the beginning when the both of you needed to buy a set of rings for your union/marriage. It isn't the least bit unusual for small stores in malls to go out of business or move elsewhere, where the rent is not so high. Thirdly, I would love to know if I might use the background image that appears on your blog here at will for my cover photo on Facebook. I tried to find a link where I might email you about this, independent of the blog entry but couldn't find such a link. Feel free to check out my own blog (http://blog.quipsnquills.com) if you wish. Just understand that I'm an old fart of 51 so my interests may be somewhat different, as well as my writing style ... LOL. There are plenty of posts related to our lives as LGBTQ persons and many other interests. ...or you can reach me at n1spirit@gmail.com. Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your lives together; I wish you only the very, very best.

    Michael in Dallas, TX