24 June 2014

Recep Prep


It's been a while since we've blogged--wedding planning in no joke! Today, we went to "To Your Taste" Catering in Alexandria, VA so we could sample/finalize our menu for our big day. The crew there has been hard at work creating gourmet masterpieces for our celebration.

Chef Shana Steele is a bundle full of energy and she is so excited to bring our friends and family tastes from our worlds. She has designed a menu highlighting bites that speak to Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, DC/Maryland/Virginia, and even Guam!

This is just a small preview of what is to come on our big day. We have so much to do, but can't wait to have loved ones celebrate with us. hope everyone enjoys the food that represents the places we have lived and love.

The final menu looks something like this:

Southern Mashed Potato Bar
sweet potatoes or white potatoes with many toppings

North Carolina BBQ Sliders
miniatrure rolls topped with Carolina pulled pork, coleslaw, crispy onions, or jalapeno-pineapple relish

Tennessee Whiskey Glazed Chicken Lollipops
Marinated chicken drumsticks, glazed with Jack Daniels and black pepper

Guam's Houli Houli Spam Musubi
Spam, rice, jicama, seaweed, and wasabi, served with Houli Houli drizzle

Chesapeake-Pacific Polpettes
fried balls of shredded coconut and lump crab meat served with cilantro-lime sauce

Missouri Garden Crudité
fresh vegetables served with bleu cheese and casserole dip

DC Cupcakes
selections from Georgetown's television-famous bakery

Red, White, and Blue Candy Bar
M&Ms, Jelly Belly, Swedish Fish, and Twizzlers

The Perfect Storm
signature cocktail of Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum, ginger geer, and lime

Full Service Bar
Coke and Cheerwine sodas, juices, assorted Missouri wines, Boulevard and Budweiser beers, cocktails

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